PetVille is RSPCA South Australia's group of stores and services, our commercial operations that help us help the animals by reducing our dependence on donations. Of course, donations are still welcome, but we'd also like to welcome you to the wide range of ways PetVille can be your go-to place.

Where your pets go shopping!

Everything you need to make your pets happier and healthier is available inside our huge new store at 345 North East Road, Hillcrest. (Oh, and stay tuned for more stores to come.)

We've got a large range of products and goodies for nourishment and enrichment for the ones you love.

There's also grooming for both cats and dogs (and rabbits too if that's what you need); cat boarding for the aristo-cat taking time out, training – so you and your pooch can learn to work as a team and of course, cat adoptions (add a moggy to your doggy).

  • Grooming
  • Cat Boarding
  • Dog Training
  • Cat Adoptions
  • Doggy Day Care

All this at our flagship Hillcrest store (with exciting new PetVille Doggy Day Care and Boarding coming soon to PetVille Stepney). We're still building the full monty PetVille website, but in the meantime, ask us anything about all of our products and services and we'll get back to you, in a flash.

Just ask us!